Plesk Reinstall Apache2 Guide


Plesk Reinstall Apache2 like a professional with the right devices and a little assistance from our experts.

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Let’s investigate how our Support Team is prepared to assist clients with reinstalling Apache2.

How to Reinstall Apache2 in Plesk

Before we prepare to reinstall Apache2, our Support Techs suggest utilizing Plesk Repair Utility.

This apparatus is liable for recognizing areas, administration designs, or planned undertakings utilizing absent or debased PHP overseers. If there should be an occurrence of such a circumstance, the Plesk Repair Utility educates us regarding the condition and furthermore offers us the choice of supplanting the degenerate PHP handler.

After that, the space, administration plan, or planned task is reconfigured with the recently chosen PHP handler.

Let’s investigate the choices accessible through Plesk Repair Utility when it distinguishes a bad or missing Apache module:

  • – areas just – This choice recovers the design documents just for areas.
  • -webmail – This choice reconfigures the webmail webpage in IIS (Windows as it were).
  • -approve design – This approves the Apache setup for Linux as it were.
  • -sslcerts – This choice reinstalls SSL/TLS authentications and furthermore designs IP addresses so they utilize the default SSL/TLS testament.
  • -php-controllers – It checks administration plans as well as areas for unregistered PHP overseers. Furthermore, we can utilize this choice just in the intuitive mode.
  • -server – It recovers the Apache design records just for Linux only.

In case the Plesk Repair Utility can’t resolve the issue with Apache2, the time has come to reinstall with the assistance of the Plesk Installer.

The Plesk Installer is the most ideal choice accessible to introduce or re-introduce Plesk parts. As indicated by our Support Techs, we can utilize the accompanying choices and use Plesk Installer as seen below:

  • Show Plesk parts:
     plesk installer - - select-item id plesk - - select-discharge current - - show-parts - show-options
  • Install a Plesk part:
    plesk installer - - select-item id plesk - - select-discharge current - - introduce part Apache
  • De-Install a Plesk part:
    plesk installer - - select-item id plesk - - select-discharge current - - introduce part Apache

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In brief, our gifted Support Engineers at Bobcares showed how to reinstall Apache2.


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