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September eleventh, 2001 is a date which will live in American history for eternity: a second frozen in ignominy. The 9/11 fear monger assaults were a misfortune which put into high gear a period of progress all through the United States and across the worldwide local area in general. For those of us who saw the occasions of that day firsthand, stuck to our TV screens as the reports and bits of gossip poured in, the recording of the planes striking the Twin Towers is a picture we may always remember. Be that as it may, while the vast majority of us can review precisely where we were the point at which we heard the news, for Robbie Byrd, his relationship with the occasions of 9/11 is somewhat more unique.

In 2001, Robbie was a 18-year-old school sophomore, going to classes, working for the school paper, and longing for a future in reporting. Whenever he arose late on the morning of Tuesday the eleventh to fresh insight about the World Trade Center assaults, it was absolutely impossible that Robbie might have known the impact that day would have on him, the United States, or the world overall; nobody did. “My viewpoint on the world changed in over two hours,” says Robbie, considering his recollections of the day. Tossing on his garments, Robbie hustled to the workplace of the school paper. While large numbers of us were all the while addressing what had simply occurred, Robbie was at that point during the time spent aggregating a unique version report on the occurrence, attempting to examine and sort out an emergency actually unfurling around him. In the a long time since that day, Robbie’s work as an insightful writer has observed him covering other significant accounts of wrongdoing and misfortune, however like numerous Americans, the occasions of 9/11 have stayed with him. In numerous ways, they stay fresher to him than the normal individual’s.

Robbie is the maker and host of the 9/11 in Realtime project, a not-for-benefit instructive guide intended to accumulate and safeguard sound and video information from 9/11 into a bound together, intelligent asset. Its objective? To guarantee people in the future get the job 9/11 has played in American history and to give them a brief look into the ghastly environment of that day, as felt by a large number of Americans.

“My point of view on the world changed in over two hours.”

First sent off related to the twentieth commemoration of 9/11 and initially facilitated on AWS, Robbie’s task was planned for a little, explicit crowd: teachers; understudies; a couple of inquisitive people. Be that as it may, when an abrupt flood in openness brought about 36,000 guests north of a two-day time span, Robbie startlingly ended up on the snare for a $10,000 information departure bill from Amazon. On September thirteenth, 2021, only two days after the send off of his site, Robbie had to bring down the page or face much higher expenses. In the long stretches of time which followed, Robbie wound up on an excursion that would ultimately carry him to Hivelocity, the new home of the 9/11 in Realtime project.

But how could everything occur? Could Amazon’s expenses truly be that high? Is Robbie’s involvement in AWS novel?

To answer these inquiries, we want to return to the start: to the beginning of the 9/11 in Realtime project and the unexpected occasions that drove Robbie to Hivelocity.

What is 9/11 in Realtime?

Screenshot of the 9/11 in Realtime project showing the user interface and video options

Intended as a showing help, the 9/11 in Realtime project is a non-straight timetable intended to catch the restless environment of 9/11 by accumulating sound and video information from a large number of sources into a solitary, complex resource. “Envision sitting in a monster control room, with each piece of media from that day on screens encompassing you, including inclusion from each significant organization from 12am that morning until 12pm that evening,” expresses Robbie concerning the task. By choosing a TV channel and a period of day, clients can hop to and fro between communicates paving the way to, during, and after the assaults. Indeed, even the site’s UI is a reverence to the time, with boards and elements intended to copy the design of old Macintosh PCs.

Beginning about three years prior, the beginning of the venture were conceived out of a blend of interest, dissatisfaction, and a longing to safeguard a cut of history in danger of being lost to time. “The undertaking really began as a method for becoming familiar with how video players and video conveyance work,” says Robbie, whose foundation is in both Journalism and Technology. At first, the thought just addressed a solid cross-segment of interests and a method for exploring different avenues regarding content conveyance improvement. It was only after one of the engineers assisting Robbie with the venture conceded that he was too youthful to even consider recollecting much from that day, that Robbie acknowledged there was a need here he could meet. Enlivened by the Apollo in Real Time project, a comparative site which aggregates intuitive information for the Apollo 11, 13, and 17 send-offs, Robbie contemplated whether he could give a comparative encounter zeroed in exclusively on the occasions of 9/11. Which began as a little examination with only three recordings immediately developed into a monstrous assortment of information, lodging almost 72,000 news items.

“Imagine sitting in a goliath control room, with each piece of media from that day on screens encompassing you.”

With the twentieth commemoration of the assaults drawing closer, Robbie ended up frustrated by the dreary endeavors being advanced by the significant media sources: reused film and repackaged accolades reused for any kind of future family however giving no new knowledge or intelligence. “The experience had become sort of flat, practically cleaned. It was difficult to not become numb.” Beyond this, a considerable lot of the 9/11 remembrance sites were not doing so well, inadequate with regards to essential updates and falling behind on their facilitating charges. Thinking about his mother by marriage who functions as an educator, Robbie wound up considering how the present understudies, those too youthful to even think about having seen 9/11 firsthand, might actually get the significance of this day without admittance to the fundamental assets and relics.

Thus, the 9/11 in Realtime project was born.

2021 and the Early Days with AWS

In the start, Robbie never figured his work would draw a lot of consideration. The Internet is loaded up with countless sites, and keeping in mind that a requirement for this asset existed, the probability that many could at any point see Robbie’s pet task were thin. Planned as a device to assist teachers with enhancing their educational programs, Robbie was more centered around getting his venture live than streamlining video designs for financially savvy conveyance. It simply wasn’t the priority.

Seeking comfort and expecting some tolerance in estimating, Robbie went to AWS for his site’s facilitating needs. He had experience working with the stage, and keeping in mind that Robbie brings up that setting up framework through Amazon can be troublesome, keeping it ready to go whenever it’s laid out is generally easy. Past that, Robbie trusted that by using a few associations he needed to Whole Foods Market, an auxiliary of Amazon, he could possibly continue to cost for his site actually reasonable. All things considered, the 9/11 in Realtime project is a free showing help intended to spread mindfulness, not harvest a benefit. Tragically, in the same way as other ex-AWS clients who wind up leaving the assistance, Robbie’s experience didn’t go as intended.

It all began in the days driving up the twentieth commemoration of 9/11. Trusting his undertaking would be seen by instructors and instructive experts, Robbie presented a connection on his new commemoration site in Reddit’s r/Education subreddit. After the post was impeded by the page’s mediators, Robbie wound up reposting the connection to an alternate subreddit, r/InternetIsBeautiful. The post began building up forward momentum, and before Robbie knew it, traffic to his site had spiked essentially. That is when HackerNews paid heed. Highlighting Robbie’s 9/11 in Realtime project on the first page of their site, HackerNews got huge number of new eyes on the site. From that point, traffic detonated and in only two days Robbie had more than 36,000 guests, bringing about almost 100 TB of outbound information move. Since these degrees of traffic were totally startling, Robbie hadn’t streamlined his video design and storing for conveyance.

Suddenly, two days of information departure had brought about a $10,000 greenback from Amazon.

Robbie endeavored to talk with Amazon on various events. He applied for limited time credits expecting to cut down his bill yet was denied. After a few bombed endeavors, AWS basically encouraged Robbie to finish off his record, and on September thirteenth, the site was pulled disconnected.

In the end, the main party asserting a benefit was Amazon.

Suddenly, two days of information departure had brought about a $10,000 greenback from Amazon.

Robbie attempted to relieve the harm, relaunching his webpage as a static, single-page site through Google Cloud with expectations of getting the substance back on the web. While these endeavors were a compelling band-aid, he actually had 600 gigs of video content to fight with. Without distributed storage through AWS to depend on, Robbie had to use records accessible from the Internet Archive, whose more established MP4 design recordings demonstrated not great for the unique necessities of live streaming.

Unsure of what to do straightaway, Robbie was stuck between two terrible choices: failing to meet expectations content or overpaying for facilitating. Fortunately, that is the point at which an unforeseen third choice showed up, offering Robbie a method for finishing his vision for the site without burning through every last cent in the process.

The 9/11 in Realtime Project Moves to Hivelocity

Image of a Hivelocity employee holding a bare metal server standing next to a rack of other servers

In September of 2021, when HackerNews highlighted the 9/11 in Realtime project on their landing page, the wealth of traffic created inadvertently brought about the venture’s expulsion from AWS. In a spot of destiny, this openness is likewise in a roundabout way answerable for the site’s possible safeguarding.

By possibility, one of the people who paid heed to the frontpage include was Mike Architetto, author and CEO of Hivelocity. Bookmarking the 9



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