7 Best POS (retail location) Plugins for WooCommerce for 2022


Running a fruitful eCommerce website includes a ton of work, yet you can relieve it by picking the right devices. Furthermore, one of the main apparatuses you want is a Point-of-Sale (POS) framework for WooCommerce.

In the days of yore, a POS framework would simply be the sales register in your store. However, similar to all the other things, these frameworks are totally computerized in 2022. This is normal in a web-based climate, yet it’s similarly valid for stores with an actual location.

And with each kind of programming, there are dependably decisions, however not every one of them are equal.

Let’s see what the best POS frameworks for WooCommerce are in 2022.

What Is A POS System?

A POS framework is answerable for ascertaining the sum a client should pay, showing that add up to the client, creating a receipt or receipt, and showing all of the installment choices that are available.

If this sounds recognizable, this is on the grounds that each store, on the web or physical, utilizes one.

For model, assuming you go to a supermarket and ring up your truck, the framework will stop for a minute you owe and your clerk will peruse out how you can pay (cash, credit/charge, and so forth.). Lastly, it will print out the receipt.

However, this is exactly the thing the client will interface with. In truth, these frameworks have turned into significantly more muddled throughout the long term and accomplish such a great deal more. Other key highlights incorporate stock administration, item inventories, deals examination, and more.

It truly relies upon the apparatus you pick and the requirements you have. In any case, with the right POS modules, you can increment deals for your WooCommerce store.

The Best POS Plugins for WooCommerce

There’s no lack of value POS frameworks that coordinate with WooCommerce. However, the request for this rundown doesn’t mirror the nature of the apparatus. All things being equal, every framework has own novel characteristics might fit one business better than another.

What’s most significant is the means by which simple the apparatus is to utilize and that showing your staff is so natural. In the event that the apparatus is difficult to utilize, that will dial back your whole business activity, which could cause clients to stay away from you for quicker service.

Without any further ado, we should get directly into it.

1. wePOS


When it comes to POS frameworks for WooCommerce, there are not many that can contrast with wePOS. This device is responsive, simple to utilize, and above all fast.

Combine that with a large group of different elements, and you have probably the best po frameworks around. What’s more, it even has a free form accessible (despite the fact that it is limited).

This is really intriguing to the extent that POS frameworks go.

Since the free form just allows you to acknowledge cash installments for certain orders, it won’t exactly be sufficient. Nonetheless, it allows you to try out the astounding UI. Also, that is truly where this framework shines.

webPOS permits clerks to choose varieties of an item (i.e the shade of a shirt), and even deal with different trucks simultaneously. It is probably the simplest po frameworks to gain without any preparation, subsequently it’s the ideal decision for first-time store owners.

2. Retail location System for WooCommerce (POS Plugin)

Point of Sale for WooCommerce (POS Plugin)

Are you hoping to change your PC or tablet into a sales enlist? Assuming this is the case, the Point of Sale System for WooCommerce module is the ideal apparatus to get everything taken care of. You can likewise see it in real life on different gadgets by looking at their demo site.

This module is great for any retail location, eatery, food seller, or pretty much any little business.

In basic terms, this module will change your internet browser into a clerk interface utilizing WooCommerce. On it, you can choose the things you are selling, work out the last cost, and produce a receipt that you can print on another device.

It even permits you to make your own coupons and rebate codes. This can assist with empowering clients to emerge to the store or simply purchase more in general.

Most significantly, by supporting tablets, ideal for outside organizations are versatile, for example, food trucks or market stalls.

3. Square


Regardless of what sort of business you run, Square for WooCommerce can assist you with running it better. This POS framework is uncommon on the grounds that it doesn’t have an underlying expense related with it. All things being equal, you possibly pay when you make a sale.

While this sounds great on paper while beginning a business, it can immediately turn out to be more costly in more dynamic stores.

Square gives you admittance to all significant credit and charge card types and it even backings computerized wallets. These incorporate any semblance of Google Pay or Apple Pay. The more ways a client can pay, the better your possibilities making a sale.

The module is highlight rich and incorporates all that a business needs including stock administration that adjusts your settle outstanding balance with WooCommerce and bad habit versa.

Combine this with astounding help and you have probably the best po frameworks for WooCommerce.

4. YITH Point Of Sale For WooCommerce (POS)

Yith Point of Sale for WooCommerce

YITH Point of Sale for WooCommerce is another magnificent instrument that can change your WooCommerce establishment into a prepared to-utilize sales register. In this manner making it an ideal expansion to any business type.

And indeed, you might utilize YITH on your cell phone! Talk about a portable business.

Due to how available your virtual sales register is, you can really set up a limitless measure of them. Along these lines for independent ventures like food trucks, you can have various trucks with a different yet associated cash register.

You can likewise anticipate every one of the staples of a POS framework. Item the executives, receipt printing, admittance to most installment passages, and considerably more. It’s significant that you can utilize the free form of YITH, however are restricted to cash payments.

5. Lightspeed POS Integration

Lightspeed POS System

If you as of now utilize the Lightspeed Retail Point of Sale System, then incorporating it with WooCommerce is an easy decision. Furthermore, with the Lightspeed POS Integration module, you can do exactly that in a couple simple steps.

The best part is that gratitude to account sync, you can undoubtedly add your store information to Woocommerce.

Some of the key highlights incorporate stock administration, client relationship information, deals examination, the nuts and bolts each po framework incorporates, and considerably more. It is vital to take note of that this reconciliation is just accessible for Lightspeed Retail and not Lightspeed eComm.

One of the best parts of this framework is that it is so amicable to novices. In addition to the fact that it gives lives support through telephone, email, and talk, however it has an astounding FAQ area and, surprisingly, a basic online class to assist you with getting started.

6. FooSales


FooSales is one more amazing POS framework for WooCommerce. Like most, it permits you to get to a virtual sales register using a web or a tablet application, which makes it entirely open to use for most businesses.

And they significantly offer a 30-day free preliminary you can use to try out the framework prior to picking a plan.

One of the features of this POS framework is the connection point. It permits clerks to effectively make, drop, and submit new requests on the gadget. Each of this information is then available through the framework, consequently making examination simple to view.

Outside of the fundamental POS highlights, FooSales offers a remarkable component for setting up a client profile. With it, you can see what every client is purchasing, the amount they purchase, and how habitually they create purchases.

This can assist you with ensuring the right stock is accessible and even sort out comparable items they might be intrigued in.

7. Climb POS

Hike POS

Last, however not least, is the Hike POS System. This is a retail POS arrangement that can be coordinated into WooCommerce. It offers account sync which permits any items went into WooCommerceto show up on your Hike record and bad habit versa.

There is a 14-day free preliminary you can exploit to check whether the stage is ideal for you.

One of the more interesting highlights is that it can work when the web is down. Many stores can get disabled without admittance to online assets anytime during business hours.

This isn’t an issue with Hike.

And once the blackout is finished, each of that information can be transferred to your record. Accordingly, it is one of the most solid POS frameworks a store can utilize and it gives each of the hearty highlights you would anticipate from a POS system.

Does Every WooCommerce Store Need A POS System?

While it is feasible to run a store without a POS framework, practically none really do.

That’s on the grounds that most storekeepers get the significance of a POS framework. These devices assist your business with moving along as planned by smoothing out the checkout interaction. Notwithstanding, most will likewise assist with things behind the scenes.

For model, POS frameworks additionally assist you with monitoring stock. Assuming we travel once more into the past, this was really something you needed to physically count out (or recruit somebody to count).

Instead, with a POS framework, each time that thing is bought, it is deducted from the aggregate sum you have under lock and key. Accordingly, you never sell a thing you don’t have.

Another significant mark of thought is assuming you have staff. Most clerks are seasonal specialists, and that implies they travel every which way. Each time you need to enlist another specialist, you want to show them the system.

It’s a great deal of work and can cost you a lot of time, which then, at that point, means a deficiency of yearly profits.

A POS framework mitigates this by smoothing out the interaction while making it simple to work. It additionally assists with guaranteeing that a similar framework associates with your internet based store keeping every one of the information in one location.

Do You Actually Need WooCommerce?

You might have understood that the majority of these POS Systems work without WooCommerce and on second thought simply offer joining into WooCommerce. Also, that is on the grounds that they all work without it or can work with another eCommerce tool.

The genuine benefit of utilizing WooCommerce is that it decreases the equipment you really want. Rather than purchasing costly gear, you can simply utilize a tablet or PC. This takes out a high introductory expense while beginning out.

It can likewise help take out or re



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